Twin Star Exorcist Chapter 115: Will Benio Die? Release Date & Plot

Twin Star Exorcist Chapter 115

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In the upcoming week, the monthly shonen Twin Star Exorcist will add another chapter to its volume. So far, fans have been able to predict a good outcome from the battle between Benio and Rokuro. However, this time their fate is uncertain. Will Benio survive the wounds inflicted on her? She stopped breathing after the battle with Rokuro. So without giving away too many spoilers, here is all you need to know about Twin Star Exorcist Chapter 115.

Next time in Twin Star Exorcist, Rokuro will be at crossroads with his feelings. He has been friends with Benio since the start of the series. However, now things are turning around for him. Keep reading to find out more!

Twin Star Exorcist Chapter 115Twin Star Exorcist Chapter 115

Twin Star Exorcist Chapter 115: What Will Happen Next?

The title, plot details, and raw scans of Twin Star Exorcist Chapter 115 are not out yet. The story will open up on the battlefield. Subaru and Gaja will do their best to set an example to the world. The Kegare and exorcists have been fighting for more than a millennium. Now this bloody must come to an end. Gaja will be torn to see his beloved partner sacrifice herself. However, Subaru believes she must step up as it is the only way.

Meanwhile, Rokuro will try to bring back Benio. She had stopped breathing, which now posed a big question. What will happen to Rokuro if she dies? He may well go berserk. The exorcists and Kegare will stay on alert. However, someone has come to save Benio. So all possibilities hint that she will be brought back to life. It is unclear how Chinu will heal her. So far, she has been a supporting character. But Chinu is a first ranked Basara Kegare. So, she has omnipotent skills. Only chapter 115 will unfold more!

Twin Star Exorcist Chapter 115Twin Star Exorcist Chapter 115

A Quick Recap!

The title of Twin Star Exorcist Chapter 114 was ‘Punishment.’ The chapter opened up with the ongoing bloody conflict between Benio and Rokuro. Meanwhile, Subaru asked Gaja to take her close to the ship where the fight was taking place. Anxious, Gaja asked what she was plotting. She replied that if she died, her curse could kill Benio. This effectively meant sacrificing herself and Benio to save everyone. She wanted to create a world where Kegare and humans could live together.

As they wished for each other’s warmth and love, the Exorcists and Kegares fought alongside to end the fight. Mayura and Suzu unleashed their deadly powers to attack the targets. Rokuro realized that they had been giving their best and appreciated their help. Meanwhile, Subaru bid farewell to Gaja and asked him to live a long life as Kegare. She was able to end the fight with the tradeoff. However, Rokuro was devastated to see Benio in an unresponsive state. The chapter came to a close after Chinu arrived at the scene.

Twin Star Exorcist Chapter 115Twin Star Exorcist Chapter 115

Twin Star Exorcist Chapter 115: Release Date

So many things are taking place at the same time fans are finding it hard to keep up. There is a debate on the internet regarding the final enemy. Will it be the Impurity King or Sakanashi? The latest outing will unfold! Twin Star Exorcist Chapter 115 will release on January 4, 2023. Fans can check the issue on Manga Plus and Viz Media. For more updates on the outing, stay tuned to The Anime Daily!

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