Urusei Yatsura Episode 11: ‘Since Your Parting’ Release Date & Plot

Urusei Yatsura Episode 11

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In line with a final release, this week is Urusei Yatsura Episode 11. The 2022 season is also coming to an end, and fans will dearly miss this season as well. The last episode had a lot of storylines to deal with. And the one that everyone loved the most was about Lum. She got upset with her friends and decided to leave. But as the lines progressed, she saw that her father was also there. Thus, she got into trouble for hiding the doll that was kept in her place. Without taking much of your time, here is all you need to know about the episode.

In the upcoming episode, fans will see that there are a lot of ups and downs going on between friends. But as usual, we will see that the main character is ready to fix the troubles between them all. Will there be a fight as the season comes to an end? Well, time will give away the answer!

Urusei Yatsura Episode 11Urusei Yatsura Episode 11

Urusei Yatsura Episode 11: What Will Happen Next?

Two titles of the new episode have come out in the public domain. And these are “Mendo Sibling!! and Since Your Parting.” This episode will continue the storylines that we saw the last time. And this will be about the conflict between Lum and her father. It was seen that she was desperately trying to get the doll out of her father’s sight. It was seen that there would be a lot of mess here and there.

The one storyline that everyone wants to catch is the one including the relations between the classmates. Fights and conflicts are something that keeps the story going. Urusei Yatsura Episode 11 will try to fix the challenges that are coming between them for a change. Thus, viewers will see the changing themes for the first time here.

urusei yatsura episode 9 liverpool's blogurusei yatsura episode 9 liverpool's blog

Previous Episode Recap!

The titles of Urusei Yatsura Episode 10 were “Parents’ Day Horrors, Since Your Parting.” The episode started with Ataru and Shinobu’s mother coming to the school. It was the day of the parents’ meeting day. Many games and tricks were taking place here. And one incident changed everyone. And this was the crushing of Shutaro’s mother’s ox by Lum’s mother’s spaceship. One more crazy translation error happened, which caused weird guesses around it.

In the second act, Ataru is the one who got unimpressed by Lum. It was seen that Lum left because she got angry with them. The last act of the episode shows Lum trying to renew her passport for her parents. But she immediately got the doll out of sight so that her father could not see it.

Urusei Yatsura Episode 11Urusei Yatsura Episode 11

Urusei Yatsura Episode 11: Release Date

Fans will be delighted to know that there is no break in the release of the new episode. Thus, there would not be any break in this one. The final release date for Urusei Yatsura Episode 11 is December 23, 2022. Readers will be able to catch all the episodes only on the official pages of Crunchyroll. At last, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the updates right here.

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