Vinland Saga Season 3: Will Be Delayed To 2024!

Vinland Saga Season 3

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The second season of Vinland Saga turned out to be a bigger hit than anyone was expecting it to be. And now, the entire internet is asking questions about Vinland Saga Season 3. There was a big gap between the first and the second season’s release. Thus, the fans are desperate to know if the same would happen this time as well. So, will there be a third season? What is the renewal status? Here is all you need to know about the release date and plot.

The following subheads talk about Vinland Saga Season 3 Release Date. In addition, the new arc of the story has also been dissected. Thorfinn, Thorkell, Canute, and Einar are all teaming up to leave this world of power-hungry people only to create a country of their own. However, this season will line up all the obstacles that they come across in this journey.

Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 8Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 8

Vinland Saga Season 3: Renewal Status

The second season of Vinland Saga has recently come to an end recently. And as soon as the season came to an end, the entire internet was talking about Vinland Saga Season 3. Typically, it is too early to comment on the renewal of the next one. However, in the official words, there has been no announcement from the side of the makers. In fact, even the final scene of the season ended on a cliffhanger.

Meaning that no mention of the third season was made. Here, it was seen that Canute was leaving the Ketil farm along with a hundred men so as to fight the next battle. He was taking his portion of the Jomsviking to lead them toward the opposing Vikings. The two heroes will be stuck in this war, delaying their own dream of creating a non-violent country of their own.

Season 2 Reception

Each one of the episodes has been rated more than 8.5 stars on the IMDb list for Season 2. Such numbers were not seen in the first season either. As for MyAnimeList, the fans rated the sequel as high as 8.7 stars out of 10. The series gets the 52nd rank out of all the anime that have been listed on the site so far. All of this is enough to hint that Vinland Saga is a nig banner and has a massive fanbase.

A fan wrote on MAL, ‘brings back the memories of watching it all over again.’ Another one wrote, ‘unarguably the best arc of the series.’ So on and so forth, the praises of the sequel continue over the charts. Thus, there is no doubt that the decision of bringing it back would be an easy one. It is only the schedule of the animation company that leads to the delay in production. To know more about MAPPA’s plans, keep reading further!

Vinland Saga Season 3Vinland Saga Season 3

More Delay Like The Sequel?

However good the second season may have been, it certainly tested the patience level of the fans. Releasing the first one in 2019, the second one took good four years to come back to the screens. Because of this, fans are expecting a similar trend in the new one as well. But once again, this is MAPPA Studio that we are talking about. MAPPA has been the busiest animation company for the last couple of years now. Projects are missed within months if the dates are not debated with the animation giant.

For 2023, the company is already working on the final Part of Attack on Titan, Hell’s Paradise Jigokuraku, and Jujutsu Kaisen’s second season. This year is packed already, meaning that it would take around a year for the company to bring back Vinland Saga Season 3.

Manga Compared To Anime

The ongoing Vinland Saga Manga released its first chapter back in April 2005. And so far, Kodansha has published 26 Volumes of the text so far. And a total of 200 chapters have come out so far. Of these, 99 have been used for two seasons. The second season is used from Chapter 55 to Chapter 99 of the text. This was the ‘Slave Arc’ from the manga. And now, Vinland Saga Season 3 begins from Chapter 100, going up until Chapter 166.

All in all, there is no lack of material for a new season. In fact, as the manga continues its new arc, there might as well be enough content for a new season. Thus, fans do not need to fret about the availability of source material. It is only a matter of time until the new season is renewed at once.

Thorfinn and EinarThorfinn and Einar

Plot Details: Eastern Expedition Arc

Titled the “Eastern Expedition Arc” of the story, this is the third act that will carry forward the new season. This is about the return of Thorfinn. After four long years, the man returns home and speaks to Einar about creating a country free of war and violence. However, he must first gather a lot of money and influence in order to reach that part of the world. The expedition is towards the eastern part of Greece.

In a long-lost island near Greece, the men dream of creating a country free from any fear. However, the formation of the country takes place in the story arc after this. In the third act, these men will be caught up in another war of sorts. This is the fight between opposing parts of the world. The different groups of the Jomsvikings have been fighting for land for many years now.

In this part of Vinland Saga Season 3, Thorfinn and Einar will meet with two of their most loyal men, Sigurd and Halfdan. Gudrid and Canute will also make an entry in this part of the story.

Vinland Saga Season 3Vinland Saga Season 3

Vinland Saga Season 3: Release Date

As of the time of writing, the makers have not shared any information about the release of the next season. Moreover, it is certainly too early to make any speculations about the studio’s work MAPPA is the most in-demand animation company this year. Thus, no release shall be expected until the Spring of 2024. But an announcement might take place this year. We will be sure to update this section as soon as there are more notifications from the makers. At last, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the updates right here.

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