Volcano Returns Season 2: Is It Happening? Release Date & Plot

Volcano Returns Season 2

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So many characters will say goodbye as Chung leaves the Mount Hua Sect. But it will be the beginning of his legendary chronicles. However, Volcano Returns won’t come out this week. Are you wondering what made us say this? Well, the studio has recently revealed that the first season is finished. It means they will return with Volcano Returns Season 2. However, it remains unclear when the next season will come out. Keep reading to know more.

The upcoming storyline will focus on Wi Sohaeng and Chung’s meeting. Wi will be confused to see Chung, and it will be hard for him to believe that Chung had defeated Southern Edge Sec at such a young age. But currently, Wi needs Chung’s help, so he will put his doubt aside and narrate his story. Now it’s in Chung’s hands what decision he wants to make.

Volcano Returns Season 2

Volcano Returns Season 2: Official Announcement

Fans last got the chance to read the 72nd chapter this August. Since then, fans have eagerly awaited the next chapter to learn about Chung’s new adventure. But it seems like the avid readers have to wait for that. This is because the publisher in charge of the manhwa, Studio Lico, dropped crucial information. The announcement revealed that Volcano Returns had completed its first season.

However, fans don’t have to worry at all because the studio behind the manhwa revealed that they are currently working on the second season of Volcano Returns. However, until then, the manhwa is on an indefinite break. Well, their team needs some time to craft and design the characters. Further in the announcement, the studio also focused on the characters’ costume design and storyboard. It was an epilogue that introduced the audience to the design team and how they crafted the epic plot of the face-off between Chung and the Southern Edge Sect.

Volcano Returns Season 2

Volcano Returns Season 2: What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming chapter will explore Chung’s new adventure. He is finally back from his meditation stage and will learn that Wi Sohaeng is looking for him. However, Wi will be baffled to learn Chung is the one who defeated the Southern Edge Sect. But despite having plenty of doubts, Wi will tell Chung about their guild and how the other guild is attacking them. After listening to this, Chung heads to see the Mount Hua Sect leader, who believes Chung should go there and face the harsh reality. It will help him excel in his skills.

Chung will also consider it a lucrative opportunity to explore new things. Soon they will head to their new journey, and Wi will reveal about their enemy clan. He will be determined to stop this menace. However, Chung is still learning and has yet to master the Plum Blossom technique. But before that, he will meet with the Wudang Sect’s leader. He will be glad to see Chung and ask him to help their guild. So he will accept it and challenge their enemy. But it remains unclear how it will turn out.

Volcano Returns Season 2

Volcano Returns Season 2: Release Date

As the studio announced they are on a break, it’s clear that Volcano Returns Season 2 won’t return this week. However, the studio hasn’t revealed how long this break will last. So it’s quite unclear when the next chapter will reveal. But we expect Volcano Returns Season 2 to come out later this year. It will be available on Naver Webtoon and Kakao pages. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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