Weak Hero Chapter 225: Gerard Jin’s “Smash!” Release Date & Plot

Weak Hero Chapter 225

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Slowly the Weak Heroes are making their way into the underground world. One of our main characters has already taught goons; who’s the boss here? However, there are plenty of hurdles to cross, and the path won’t be that simple. Further, in Weak Hero Chapter 225, someone has to choose which way to go. Is he wants to help his friend? Only the upcoming chapter will reveal. But one thing is clear he will make things miserable for others. Keep reading to learn more.

The forthcoming storyline will focus on the battle between Donald goon and Gerard Jin. Well, they already know Jin and his techniques, so it won’t be strange for them. But things will soon turn chaotic for Jin, as he needs to figure out with whom he wants to stay. It will be thrilling to watch him go against his tribe.

Weak Hero Chapter 225Weak Hero Chapter 225

Weak Hero Chapter 225: What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming chapter will be full of blasts as Gerard Jin is finally here. Although his bond with Rowan and Gary isn’t that good, he cares much for Eugene. Now the fight is personal for many reasons. Gary is also there and has a strong bond with Eugene. So now they will go to any length to teach goons a good lesson. But goons are already afraid, as Gerard Jin is here, and they know his fighting skills.

It’s clear that half of them will retreat as they don’t want to be gravely injured in the process. But a few will charge attack. Soon it will turn into bloodshed, but Gary will tell Rowan to take Eugene out of this while they will make sure nobody reaches them. Rowan is petrified by the situation and decides to run away as faster as possible. Soon Wolf will join them, too, making trouble for others. It will be h*** of blood on the street, forcing the Donald team to retreat.

Weak Hero Chapter 225Weak Hero Chapter 225

A Quick Recap!

Previously in Weak Hero Chapter 224, Dongha Baek relaxed when Seongmok Do join him. Now he knew with Seongmok’s help; he could win the fight and defeat his foes with a single punch. However, he underestimated his opponent. Although the Donald duo defeated the Mokha duo, things were different with Wolf Keum. He knew about his opponent’s skills, and instead of getting trapped in their trick, he came up with a counterattack, surprising everyone. Both the Donald duo remained shocked but continued to attack him. Soon it turned into a battle between two over one.

But Wolf Keum knew how to handle it and brutally attacked Dongha Baek while making fun of Seongmok Do and his skills. However, it didn’t stop Seongmok Do, and he continuously punched Wolf’s face when he beat down Dongha Baek. Suddenly, Seongmok Do stopped hitting Wolf as he realized there was something different with Wolf, and he wasn’t like his usual opponent. His best attacks caused no damage to this person. Meanwhile, Rowan and Eugene found themselves surrounded by goons. But Gerard Jin appeared in time to save them, causing pressure on goons.

Weak Hero Chapter 225Weak Hero Chapter 225

Weak Hero Chapter 225: Release Date

The group will finally takes a sigh of relief when Jin joins them. But it will be problematic for Jin in some way. Weak Hero Chapter 225 will come out on December 24, 2022. It will be available on Naver Webtoon and Kakao page. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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