Weak Hero Chapter 226: Ben Enters The Battlefield! Release Date & More

Weak Hero Chapter 226

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The manhwa is taking a twisted turn as someone enters the battle between Gerard Jin and Donald’s goons. Well, Gerard’s team is running out of people, and they need someone’s help in Weak Hero Chapter 226, but they will be surprised to see the person. However, Rowan will finally takes a sigh of relief and can focus on the escape plan. But it doesn’t seem like it will be easy to escape. Let’s see how things will unfold.

The forthcoming storyline will focus on the war between Donald’s goons and Eugene’s friends. His friend will try their best to save Eugene from Donald’s claws. But they have no clue why Donald is aiming at Eugene, as he never mingled in his business and never tried to cause any harm to him. However, before this revelation, fans will learn about the battle.

Weak Hero Chapter 226Weak Hero Chapter 226

Weak Hero Chapter 226: What Will Happen Next?

Gerard and others will appear surprised to see Ben in the upcoming chapter. Well, Rowan had called him to help them get out of this situation. As he didn’t respond to his call, he believed Ben wouldn’t appear. But it isn’t true at all. Ben’s appearance will be helpful for the team to fight back the goons and kill them. They will do their best to take down everyone.

However, Lee is focused on killing Gerard as he hurts his pride. So Weak Hero Chapter 226 will explore the one-on-one battle between Gerard and Lee, while others will cover Rowan and Eugene to escape the situation. Our hero will also join them in this menace after defeating two of Donald’s goons.

Weak Hero Chapter 226Weak Hero Chapter 226

A Quick Recap!

Previously in Weak Hero Chapter 225, Donald’s goons reached the street where Eugen and his friends were trying to help him escape. Soon their head told Gerard Jin to step back as they weren’t in the mood to fight. So instead of hitting them using force, Forrest Lee, the group leader, offered to hand over Eugene as their boss wanted to see him. However, Rowan remained confused as Eugene had nothing to do with the mob and other things. Gerard soon interfered and warned the goons to run away as they wouldn’t leave Eugene’s side.

But it pissed Forrest Lee, and he commanded his members to charge an attack. But they were no match in front of Gerard as he kicked and smashed them in a nanosecond. It engraved Lee, and he again offered to hand Eugene to them, but Gerard punched him after learning that Forrest Lee was the head of Hyeongshin. But after learning this piece of information, Gerard taunted Lee and reminded him how he got that position, pissing Lee off. It soon turned into a one-on-one battle where Gerard wasn’t only dealing with Lee and his people but also protecting Rowan and Eugene until someone came for their help.

Weak Hero Chapter 226Weak Hero Chapter 226

Weak Hero Chapter 226: Release Date

The upcoming chapter will finally reveal whether Rowan can save Eugene. He needs medical aid as soon as possible, and now it is in Rowan’s hands to help him. You will learn it in Weak Hero Chapter 226, which will be released on January 1, 2023, on Naver Webtoon and Kakao pages. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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