What Does Ara Ara Mean? Origin Of The Popular Anime Phrase Explained!

What does ara ara mean (5)

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The popularity of Japanese Anime has given the internet many trends over the years. Anime communities online are always searching for something inspiring they can use to expand their otaku culture. A perfect example of one such ongoing trend is the ‘Ara Ara’. Ara Ara is an expression a lot of anime characters use. The phrase gained fame after some fans began a ticktock challenge. The #AraAra started trending online, allowing more and more people to use it. However, only some people know the actual meaning of the term? What does the term mean? Is It Offensive? Keep reading to find out. 

What does Ara Ara Mean

What Does Ara Ara Mean? The Actual Meaning Of The Phrase

The famous anime phrase ‘Ara Ara’ is a simple expression. However, many anime showcase it in completely different settings and moods. Sometimes it is used in a happy setting, sometimes in something opposite. As a result, many people get confused about what the phrase actually means. Ara Ara, when translated to English, means ‘Oh My’. So, as it is an expression, the phrase can be used in different situations. The usage of it is purely subjective and depends on the person using it.  

Depending on the context, the phrase can be used to express shock, delight, and surprise. It is an exclamation that gives different meanings in different situations. As a result, the subtitles might show different translations. ‘Oh!’, ‘Wow’, ‘Well Well’, ‘Oh Dear’ and so on are some translations for the term. So, it can mean one of those many expressions. Nowadays, the term is being used more in flirty situations. Though the expression is associated with females, anyone can use the expression. 

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Is Ara Ara Offensive?

Ara Ara, when used normally, is not offensive. It is a simple expression used to show mild surprise. However, many people have begun to associate the word with flirty situations and mature content. This has caused even more confusion for people outside Japan just learning the term and its uses. The term might sound offensive, depending on the situation. As mentioned before, the meaning can be subjective. 

If someone misreads the situation, it might come out as offensive. When used in casual conversations, the phrase should mean no harm. However, many people associate it with a sexual situation. As a result, it is risky to use the term in some situations. The online community has further added a hidden meaning to the word. So, the term became part of the internet slang. Find out more about it in the next section.

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Internet Slang And Association With Shotacon

Shotaro Complex is a term that describes a sub-genre in anime and manga content. Shotaro Complex, Shotocon in short, refers to any form of media that has romantic stories around young boys. It does not mean that the boys will have to love. The boys are usually in their pre-teen or teen years. Most often, older characters use the term in a romantic subtext. The genre could include sexual or platonic relationships featuring a young boy. Yaoi stories and stories with older women use the sub-genre a lot.

Many anime and manga fans associate the term with Shotacon. Many series are beginning to use the phrase in a more sexual context. Hence a lot of fans also began to associate it with similar situations. So as years passed, flirty conversations began, including the term. Usually, older women use the term in such situations. Typically they use it on young boys. Thus, over the years, a completely normal term has become part of internet slang. 

Which Anime Characters Say, Ara Ara?

There are a lot of anime characters that use the expression. Many people mistake the term and tag it with sexual situations. However, Ara Ara can mean many other things. One of the most popular characters to use the phrase is Alicia Florence. Alicia is a character from ARIA. She is a gondolier who also serves as a tour guide. Another character who uses the term is Kurumi Tokisaki. Kurumi is a character from Date A Live. She serves as the antagonist of the series. She is very strong and can control time. 

Then comes Mutsumi Otohime from the Love Hina series. She is a very sweet and kind girl who can sometimes be clumsy. In addition, Kaguya Shinomiya from the Love is war series also uses the expression. Though she does not actually say it, the other lead Shirogane often imagines her saying the phrase and mocking him. Lastly, there is Shinobu Kocho. Shinobu from the Demon Slayer anime shook the internet with her interpretation of the phrase. She and her sister are famous for saying the term. Did you understand what the term means? Use it with caution. For more explanations like this, stay tuned with The Anime Daily.

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