World Dai Star Anime Reveals Characters, Story & Other Details! Release Date

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Everybody wishes to become famous and popular at one point. Some people still chase the dream of popularity. Similarly, World Dai Star is a multimedia project about this wish and aim to become popular. The year 2023 holds a long list of anime to watch. World Dai Star Anime will also be coming up soon, with much potential. Are you excited to join the soon-to-be idols on this journey of theirs? Without giving away too many spoilers, let us get right into it!

The World Dai Star project also launches an official website and a Twitter account for the promotion of its projects. Details about the anime’s cast, plot, and other details have also been announced. The project is currently under the Bandai Visual Emotion label. Fans on the anime subreddit are already hyping their love for the anime’s color palette. The cast of the series also has fans very excited. Avid anime watchers also keep their hopes high for World Dai Star Anime. Others are looking forward to the other releases of this project. Keep reading to know more.

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World Dai Star Anime: Official Announcement!

World Dai Star Anime recently released a new key visual and trailer. There are also announcements on the main cast and staff for the series. Details on the premiere date are currently awaited. A game app based on World Dai Star will also launch next summer. There is a lot in store for this project, the anime adaptation being the biggest one!

Yuu Kinome will be directing the series. Yasuhiro Nakanishi will be responsible for the composition design. Majiro will be designing the characters. Lerche will be working on the animation production. Moreover, Manaki Iwami will be voicing the main character Kokono Otori. Ikumi Hasegawa and Sally Amaki will also be voicing the roles of Shizuka and Kathrina Griebel. Others in the cast include Maria Naganawa and Naomi Ohzara. Rico Sasaki, Nanako Mori, and Minami Tanaka will join the cast.

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Plot Details!

The story of World Dai Star Anime follows a world where “Dai Star” are brilliant actors that create worldwide popularity for theatre. Protagonist Kokona Otori, a sixteen-year-old, is also aiming to become a World Dai Star. She starts trying to reach her dream by auditioning for Sirius, a theatre company that she looks up to. The story focuses on her dreams, passion, and enthusiasm to achieve her dream and gather perfect stage results.

Follow Kokona as she tries to achieve her dreams. Fingers crossed, she makes it big and debuts as a Dai Star. It will be interesting to see what brings the anime to the top charts in the coming year.

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World Dai Star Anime: Release Date

The anime is set to broadcast in the spring season of 2023. However, no specific release dates have yet been announced. Other details like cast and staff have been released. Fans are currently waiting for further announcements for more information on the same. At last, keep an eye on The Anime Daily for all the updates on the same.

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