World’s End Harem Final Arc: Announcement Is OUT! Release Date & Plot

World's End Harem Final Arc

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World’s End Harem is one of the most popular harem manga series out there. Despite being a borderline hentai, it in no way compromises the plot. However, there is a sad piece of news for all the fans of this manga series. The makers of the series have announced its final arc. Therefore there is no doubt that new chapters are already in the making. The author has also revealed World’s End Harem Final Arc release date. Thus, here is all you need to know about it!

World’s End Harem is a harem manga on Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+. LINK is the author of the series, while Kotaro Shouno is the illustrator. Shonen Jump+ serialized part one of the manga from May 2016 to June 2020. A second part started serializing in May 2021. Part two will conclude with World’s End Harem Final Arc.

World's End Harem Season 2

World’s End Harem Final Arc: Official Announcement

The official Twitter handle of LINK announced the final arc on December 3, 2020. The story’s finale began with chapter 36. LINK’s tweet also attaches a link where fans can read the new chapters. The official announcement was already out back in October 2022. However, this time, LINK has revealed the chapter and release details.

So far, World’s End Harem has bagged 12 volumes. Seven Seas Entertainment will license the World’s End Harem Final Arc in the US under its adult imprint. The manga will return with the lead characters. These include Reito, Mira, Chloe, and Riku. Chloe will be the main antagonist of the final arc. Other side characters alive in part two of the manga will also return.

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World's End Harem Final Arc

What Will Happen Next?

The story will follow after the death of Erisa. Earlier, she sacrificed herself for Mira. The latter had gradually lost her organs and was on the death’s door. However, Eris was convinced that Reito needs Mira the most for her powers. Therefore, with a final intimate moment with Reito & Mira, she bid them farewell. Even though he cherishes her, Reito doesn’t have time to mourn for Erisa.

Currently, the world is under a huge threat by United Women. Reito must find a way to wake up all the men in cryosleep as they seek to exterminate all the men from the planet. With his partner, Mira, Reito must oppose Chloe Mansfield and save the world from the crisis. It is hinted that Riku will also play a key role in the upcoming arc. He is the fifth man who woke up from sleep.

World's End Harem Final Arc

World’s End Harem Final Arc: Release Date

World’s End Harem Final Arc is already under release. A new chapter was out on December 4, 2022. Fans can check out all the chapters on Shonen Jump Plus or Manga plus app. Meanwhile, there is no update on release date for a new chapter yet. However, the The Anime Daily team will keep fans updated. Keep checking back on this page. Stay tuned to the Anime Daily for more updates!

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