Yuri Is My Job Anime: New Visual Out, Plot, Release Date & More To Know!


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One of Kodansha’s most popular romantic comedies, Yuri Is My Job, is getting its anime adaptation. Thanks to a collaboration between Studio Passione and Studio Lings. The makers recently announced the anime adaptation and put out a new poster with the main characters of the romantic comedy series, Hime and Mitsuki, on it. The manga and light novel series by Minman will soon have an anime adaptation. A teaser image and synopsis for the adaptation were released alongside the news. So, here is all you need to know about Yuri Is My Job Anime.

Manga is very popular among women who enjoy comedic performances. An anime version of Yuri Is My Job by Minman is in the works. The news of the adaptation came with a sneak peek image. The show’s cast members were also unveiled. Hime, the most beautiful and popular girl in high school and the protagonist of Yuri, is my job! They don’t realize that she’s just trying to get a rich man’s attention so she may marry him for his money. The Anime is based on the story of Hime, who is the most popular and beautiful girl in high school.

Yuri Is My Job Anime

Yuri Is My Job Anime: Official Announcement!

A new key visual for the upcoming Yuri Is My Job anime came out on Saturday. Therefore, The anime’s first episode was shown at this year’s Anime Frontier, and the series is set to air in the spring of 2023. There was previously a teaser image, and video for the Yuri Is My Job anime. Studio Lings and Passione are handling animation for the show under the supervision of Hijiri Sanpei, and Taisuke Iwasaki is providing the artwork for the characters.

Yui Ogura plays Hime Shirasagi in the anime. Moreover, Mitsuki Ayanokoji, portrayed by Sumire Uesaka. Mini Tanaka as Kanoko Mamiya. Replacing Sumika Chibana, Makoto Koichi. Starring Yukari Tamura as Mai Mikoshiba. It Starring Asami Seto as Nene Nishidera. The manga, created by Minman, served as inspiration for the anime. The English translation of Kodansha’s girl-love manga.

What Is The Plot?

Hime is a young woman in high school who, on the surface, projects an image of being a kind and helpful princess. But who, on the inside, is only concerned with herself? Because she accidentally hurt a café manager named Mai, she is willing to cover some shifts to maintain the appearance of her innocence. Hime winds up getting a job as a waitress at a half café and part theatre establishment.

At this establishment, all of the waitresses act as though they are students at a made-up all-girls boarding school called Liebe Girls Academy. Hime feels an attraction to another server working at the café. This other waitress shows Hime affection and dedication in front of the customers in a way Hime has never experienced before. On the other hand, the girl appears to despise herself deep down inside.

Yuri Is My Job Anime

Yuri Is My Job Anime: Release Date

As was already said, the upcoming anime version will be based on Minman’s Yuri Is My Job manga. In November 2016, Ichijinsha’s Comic Yuri Hime began publishing the series in installments online. There are nine manga volumes; the tenth volume will come out on May 18, 2023. The first episode of the anime will air in the Spring of 2023. At last, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the updates right.

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