Yuri Is My Job Anime Reveals Release Date & New Cast Members

Yuri is My Job Anime

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There is a wonderful piece of news for all the Yuri anime fans. That is right, the anime adaptation that we have all been waiting for is finally here. Yuri Is My Job Anime is coming to the screens, and the hype is unreal. The latest announcement bring some of the most keep updates. This includes the cast updates and the release date. So, without taking much of your time, here is all you need to know about it!

Yuri is My Job! is a Yuri anime adapted from the manga of the same anime. This comedy girls-love series is written by Miman, who has done both the story and art. It is a very popular manga among Shoujo and Yuri fans. Miman released this Manga in Ichijisan’s Comic Yuri Hime magazine in November 2016. It is still ongoing. Kodansha USA publicizes an English version of the Manga since 2019. There are currently 10 Japanese volumes and 9 English volumes. The 11th Japanese Volume will release on November 17th. The TV adaption is being produced by Passione and Studio Ling.

Yuri is My Job!

Yuri Is My Job Anime: Cast Updates!

Yui Ogura is voicing Hime Shiraki. Sumire Uesaka is voicing Yano Mitsuki. Hijiri Sanpei is the director at Passione and Studio Ling. Taisuke Iwasake has done the character design. The official website for the anime announced on Friday more cast members. They include Minami Tanaka as Kanoko Amamiya and Makoto Koichi as Sumika Tachibana. In addition, Yukari Tamura is playing the role of Mai Mikoshiba. At last, Asami Seto will give voice to the character of Nene Saionji. So, the anime is produced by Studio Infinite. The trailer for the anime is given below.

Plot Details!

The series follows Shiraki Hime. She is an upright and bright girl whose life is ideal in almost every way. She has a polite attitude with a cute face. However, this picture-perfect life and behavior are all just a facade. All Shiraki wants in life is to be the ideal girl who everyone loves and who ends up marrying a billionaire as a trophy wife. However, her life takes a dramatic turn.

Shiraki has to work in an all-girls academy-themed cafe to replace a girl she hurts in an accident. Everyone there accepts her immediately. However, there she meets Yano Mitsuki, the only girl who shows apparent hatred towards Hime. Further, Hime starts taking this as a challenge to win her approval. Hime starts realizing her true feelings in the process. Now, she is more than a perfect girl!

Yuri is My Job!

Yuri is My Job! New Release Date

Yuri is My Job Anime’s official website revealed that the anime will be released in April 2023. So, the final release date is yet to come out, which we will mention in this section. Thus, keep an eye on the website for getting further updates on the anime!

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